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  • Matrix Ladies White Leather
    (Item#: X44619B )

    Model:   MATRIX

    Brand:   XELERO

    Department:   FOOTWEAR


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    The Xelero XRS Technology provides greater stability and control. This cutting edge system supports natural gait pattern. The XRS technology is integrated in the midsole. The flat outsole provides optimal stability, while the propulsion element promotes a laterally stable forward propulsion, without changing your natural gait pattern and without losing your balance. The XRS Technology provides dynamic and stable forward motion during walking. The EVA Midsole supports a comfortable, stable, and accelerated heel-to-toe transistion, providing impact absorption. The XRS adds control, guidance and extra shock absorption. The center of gravity shifts as a consequence of the natural gait. The XRS System continues the forward motion. The internal control plate provides a stable platform for toe off. The body is shifted forward and the foot takes off. Sizes: 6-11, 12 - Widths: B, D, 2E - Shoe Cover: Soft Leather & Mesh

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